after school, what next?

Education is about preparing a person for life.

But there is a question which never seems to get made – what sort of life?

There is obviously no point in preparing myself for a life I have no desire of leading.

Judging from the current examples of my seniors, it would be foolish to want to embark on a similar life as them.

I am lucky enough to live in a poor agricultural backwater, which had a farming boom at the beginning of the 20th century. It is easy to see the impact of the technological revolution on an area that was once fertile and picturesque.

Yes, I can bury my head in the sand and join the ever thronging crowds in search of my ‘rung on the ladder’, or else I might be forced to take that dangerous step and rethink many of the pre-conceived ideas around in today’s world.

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Gareth Lewis

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